Monday, August 27, 2012

A Hummer and Two Dogs

I finally got some better shots of the hummigbird that frequents the feeder.

There's another one now too. But the one who has been here the longest wasn't too happy to share the nectar.

I could actually hear their humming this time which was pretty great since I had never heard it before.

First times are great, aren't they?

I never got a picture of the two together, humming at each other.

I just love watching these little guys flit around--

Meanwhile, the dogs were just hanging out enjoying our first fall like weather day in over a year.

My little Tucker---

And Birdie's (DD3) dog, Strider---


Some days, the backyard is the place to be!


Jackie said...

Awesome pic of the humming bird. They're so beautiful

Willow said...

Hi Pam I popped over from Farm Girls blog because I love your profile picture lol and I was so happy to see me fav little birds here too. They wont' be back on our Farm till next Spring . Great photos !