Wednesday, June 1, 2011

World Bird Wednesday

Time once again for Word Bird Wednesday!  You don't have to be an experienced bird watcher or photographer (Thank the LORD) to join in the fun.  All you really need is a love of birds--observing them, photographing them, feeding them, learning about them, sharing them, enjoying them--or just ooohing and ahhhing over the finds of others.  Whatever it is you enjoy about birds, join up with Springman's Word (yes, I do know that's is supposed to be WORLD, but I keep it WORD because of our host's poetic way with words) Bird Wednesday at The Pine River Review.  You won't be sorry--unless you miss it.

I believe this to be an immature Green Heron we caught up with at the ponds.  One certainly has to be quiet to get a shot of this bird standing around instead of fleeing!