Thursday, May 8, 2014

May the Blue Bird of Happiness---

Give you much pleasure!

At our school, one of our fantastic teachers was able to get donations for the Spy on a Bird project. We have Bluebirds on the back playground. Don't worry, it's not near where the kids play and, if they do go over there, they'll be in BIG trouble. So they don't. LOL

Here are a few shots of what's going on inside the Bluebird house:

Yep. We have BABIES!

I didn't get the ones of the eggs. But they were beautiful and perfectly formed.

I've never seen such hardworking parents---

 Or such hungry babies--

 Aren't they adorable????

I've got to stop watching them. Whenever one or two are sleeping and the others are moving around, I panic, thinking that the ones not moving might have met their demise.

But then they move too and I relax.

I thought I might like to get a Bluebird box in my own backyard-

There are people in town who have Spy on a Bird in their yard and their's is for osprey. We've watched them feed their babies fish.

But I really enjoy the Bluebirds.

I can't believe how fast they're growing-

Though I probably shouldn't be surprised what with all they eat!

But, I've decided against getting one for the backyard---

I'm having hard enough time teaching instead of watching---

If I had this at home---

All I would ever do is watch the little birds---

And their hard working parents-

And watch them grow-

And eat--

And just enjoy them--

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Are You There?

Poor, poor little bird blog. So neglected due to teaching and life. It's work, work, work, work, work, weekend. Repeat. Sigh.

I have been out and about on the weekends. Though there's not a whole lot of time for photographing our feathered friends. Especially with a wedding in the family in two months.

Then there's the fact that the undeveloped neighborhood with the ponds that were frequented by some lovely birds is no longer undeveloped and mean people moved in and their rotten kids and dogs have run all the birds off.

But there is a nature trail behind the elementary school where I teach and I take the pup down there on weekends.

We see herons----

And an ibis or two sitting in the trees--

And the egrets who don't appreciate being photographed during breakfast---

There are gulls of the laughing sort---

And ducks---

And a creek--

And the occasional sunrise---