Monday, August 27, 2012

A Hummer and Two Dogs

I finally got some better shots of the hummigbird that frequents the feeder.

There's another one now too. But the one who has been here the longest wasn't too happy to share the nectar.

I could actually hear their humming this time which was pretty great since I had never heard it before.

First times are great, aren't they?

I never got a picture of the two together, humming at each other.

I just love watching these little guys flit around--

Meanwhile, the dogs were just hanging out enjoying our first fall like weather day in over a year.

My little Tucker---

And Birdie's (DD3) dog, Strider---


Some days, the backyard is the place to be!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thieving Gull

While I was out to lunch with my brother and SIL yesterday, we not only enjoyed our meal, we also enjoyed quite a view--some sports fishermen had come in with their catch and shared a bit with this brown pelican---

A laughing gull saw the transaction and swooped down--

in an effort to steal the remnants for himself---

he swooped closer...

and closer---

and then I turned my head and missed it but, according to my brother and SIL, the gull was the pelican flew off--

"Avast ye land lubbers! Thar's pirates 'round here!"

I just love restaurants on the water. The entertainment can't be beat!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Waterfront Park and Pier

It seems that I mostly take advantage of what our area has to offer when we have out of town visitors with us for a few days. This time was no exception.

The Waterfront Park and Pier has been in my town for about 3 years now. This was my first time going down there. I was not disappointed. We had a view of the underside of the bridge to Charleston.

We had a nice view of the city, the Columbus Street port, and a sailboat---

I love tugboats. I have thought that one of the coolest jobs in the world would be to captain a tugboat since I was a wee little girl.

It was an actual thrill for me to see one in the harbor while at the park.

AND, to top it off, a freighter came along.

It was headed to the port where the husband works so we got to watch it come through the harbor and go around the bend. The tug right along side of it...

And a catamaran.

These three pelicans came flying by- I was able to get one of them in flight.

We had a nice view of the Yorktown also---

And then these guys were gettin' busy under the bridge---rock pigeons, perhaps?

All in all,  a nearly perfect day!